How do I label my Composition clips in the Layer/Timeline panel, based on how they are categorized/binned in the Project panel?

  • I have a composition created by Adobe Premiere of about 100 items
  • I've set the label for each clip/asset in the Project pane
    • I have bins for each label
    • I did this because the different clips were shot with different light, and I want to correct for this
  • I see my clips in the Layer/Timeline panel
  • ...with labels...
  • yet the labels are NOT the same as how they appear for the same assets above, in the Project panel!

Q: why are these labels inconsistent?

Q: I want to apply a effect preset I have to a subset of the clips, which is already labelled and binned in the Project pane. How?

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Try clicking on the "Layer Name"/"Source Name" column title in the timeline. It should toggle between the name in your Project bin, and the name you've given the layer in the comp.

source name layer name

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