How can i burn or write Full HD videos like (marriage videos) in 1080px720p in regular DVD. I tried many softwares but couldn't get the job done.

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DVD Video is limited to Standard Def, not High Def (HD). Blu-Ray overcomes that limitation. Alternatively you can use the DVD as a filesystem and play arbitrary media using a computer. But as a media container itself, the DVDs limits are very restricted.


The format is called AVCHD Disk. You can also author Blu-Ray file structure onto a DVD. Depending on the Blu-Ray player you have, it may prefer one or another or play both, although I assume that nowadays Blu-Ray players play pretty much any variation.

Besides file structure, mind the resolution and frame rate. 1080p60 / 1080p50 is not officially supported by Blu-Ray Disc spec, but usually is played by the players. In the 60 Hz land, 720p30 is also not officially supported (720p60 is the proper format for 720-line video) but usually is played by modern players. If your player is not multi-region, it may reject some frame rates, like it may not play 1080p25 Blu-Ray or AVCHD Disk on a 60 Hz machine even if your disk is not region-locked and the machine can play bare 25p files like AVI or MKV.

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