Does anyone knows a free video stabilization software for Linux (ubuntu, fedora or something else), whose result is like the Youtube Video Stabilization?

At this moment, to stabilize my video I need to upload my files on youtube and wait a lot until stabilization finishes and then download my files. One software for computer will be helpful, and save a lot of time.

Does anyone knows one? Thank you!


To stabilize your video you can use the ffmpeg command line tool.

The easy way: one pass using deshake filter

ffmpeg -i shaky-input.mp4 -vf deshake stabilized-output.mp4

The deshake filter has also some optional settings.

The better way: two passes using vidstab filters

For better results you can try the two-step process using ffmpeg's vidstabdetect and vidstabtransform filters: (Thanks @Mulvya)

ffmpeg -i shaky-input.mp4 -vf vidstabdetect=shakiness=5:show=1 dummy.mp4

This will output a transforms.trf that will be read by the second pass:

ffmpeg -i shaky-input.mp4 -vf vidstabtransform,unsharp=5:5:0.8:3:3:0.4 stabilized-output.mp4

The vidstab filters documentation explains all the configuration options.

  • 2
    There's also the vidstab filters.
    – Gyan
    Aug 10 '16 at 16:34
  • 1
    I got this error: No such filter: 'vidstabdetect'. I guess on some distros (like Ubuntu) this filter isn't included by default.
    – Flimm
    Nov 17 '17 at 20:12
  • 1
    libvidstab is external and GPL, so ffmpeg needs to be configured with --enable-libvidstab --enable-gpl
    – DomTomCat
    Jan 2 '20 at 12:58

Blender has motion tracking, which can in turn be used to stabilize video. Here is a YouTube tutorial showing how to load video footage into Blender's movie clip editor, setting a tracking point, solving the tracking equation, and then discusses considerations about how to balance the various factors between too much and too little stabilization. The video tutorial is here:

  • Now do it on the command line Oct 15 '19 at 18:46
  • 2
    The original question did not ask for command line.
    – boatcoder
    Oct 21 '19 at 4:00

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