I'm starting out with Final Cut Pro and I want to create a circular gradient to white in Final Cut Pro so that the movie looks like the image below.

I searched around and found a Graduated Mask effect. That is only a linear effect though, and it does a gradient to black (and I can't find a setting to change the color).

Does anybody know how I can do this in Final Cut Pro X? All tips are welcome!

enter image description here

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  1. Add a new custom generator and set the colour to white.

  2. Add your media above. In this example, I will use a photo.

  3. Apply the Draw Mask to your image.

  4. Click to add 4 control points, then set the control point positions using the inspector.

  5. Choose B-Spline as the Shape Type, then set the Feather and Falloff as appropriate.

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