I created a Slideshow in Final Cut Pro X. I need to burn a DVD, I need to upload to YOUTUBE and I need to put on a jump drive. I can export to Master File, however when I try to burn to DVD it only burns to 66% and stops. I tried to "Add" background before burn to get it work to no avail. The Slideshow is majority photos with very small small video at the end. Specs are 720/42:22 minutes/42.4GB. I just downloaded Wondershare video converter and feel perhaps I got ripped as it it stating conversion to 3.1gb will is taking 200 minutes. I need help. Any suggestions on how I can get this to burn to DVD, bypass 66% error, or compress smaller?

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Open Activity Monitor. I found that every time share (from fcpx) hangs @ 66% the app "DSPPublishing Server" wasn't responding. Look down the list of active Process Names and manually terminate it. This should allow Create DVD to restart.


Thanks for the info! I didn't have the app "DSPPublishing Server" in my Activity Monitor. Instead I force quit Create DVD, through the Activity Monitor. This seemed to solve the problem for me. It restarted and finished the DVD.


Manually force quiting "DSPPublishing Server" was exactly the case for me. I force quit it and my DVD's burn successfully, thank you!

I've had to delete this on several occasions, not sure why I have to keep doing this, but I'm satisfied that at least there is something that does the trick now. I can burn short DVD's no issues, but once I'm burning larger files such as 1.41 gb and higher, I have to go through this process.

  • Unfortunately the app "DSPPublishing Server" does not exist on my iMAC running FCPX. DVD exporting jams at 66% .. there seems to be no cure .. Only a problem with larger files (3gb .. 1hr 20 mins)
    – Robert
    Oct 26, 2018 at 20:58

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