I accidentally clicked on "loose panel group" in the mirror for creating a new title, but there is no button to fix them together again. I tried resetting the setting, but it doesn't work.


Is 'loose panel group' a free translation of whatever the option is labeled in whatever language you're using Premiere Pro in? Because I can't find an option or button that says exactly this ...

Anyway, you can change workspaces in the menu, click WindowWorkspaces and select a workspace preset. If you want the default workspace back, make sure to select the Assembly preset (in Premiere Pro CC). If you want to revert any changes you made to the saved layout, select Reset to Saved Layout from the same submenu or press ALT + SHIFT + 0.

  • Yea, its just an inaccurate translation, because I have the programm on german and couldnt find the correct translation.. But yes, that's exactly the solution for my problem! Thanks a lot! – Scurl Jun 8 '16 at 15:57

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