My university is setting up a video production studio and they want to use a DSLR camera to record videos. However, they want the camera to feed the video into an iMac with Premier or Final Cut installed while it is recording, so I can preview it on the computer screen. Can this be done?

I read somewhere that Premiere and Final cut both use firewire to do this but neither the 1Dx and iMac have firewire inputs. I also read that I can use USB 3 or thunderbolt cable and a Black Magic or AJA box but there are so many products on their sites and I'm confused. Also, the 1Dx only has USB 3 and HDMI outputs.

Please help.

Best Wishes Greg

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Any DSLR that can provide a live video signal (such as via HDMI) can feed that signal to a recording device (such as Atmos SHOGUN) or monitoring device (such as a TV monitor). In order for your computer to handle live video, you need a live video input port, typically found on cards such as the Blackmagic Design Deck Link card. BlackMagic's Media Express software can record and/or monitor live video.

I would be surprised if Adobe Premiere Pro (or other NLEs) can handle live video as an editable stream. But MediaExpress can record with a confidence monitor, and then Premiere Pro can edit the resulting file.


In Final Cut Pro X, you simply connect your camera or card reader to the computer, and choose "Import" and it should show up. There's a tutorial here.

The documentation for Final Cut Pro X is online. You can read the docs on file import here.

I've not used Premiere in a few years, so I don't know the workflow there.


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