I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I'm wanting to create a personalized video where a person's name is inserted dynamically. I know there are services out there like vidyard and idomoo that will put a person's name on a mug or a piece of paper, but would like to figure out how to make my own. Any help and direction is appreciated


You could do it with After Effects and scripting. After Effects has a javascript-based API called extendscript that allows you to programatically create compositions - which can be as complex as you like, using pre-shot and/or generated footage, and effects. Extendscript means that AE can be run from the command line–on a server for instance.

You can either write the scripts yourself if your JS skills are good and you don't mind learning the quirks of the API, you could find a developer, or there are 3rd party frameworks that let you automate things like this - the downside is that they are relatively pricey: have a look at dataclay for instance. Work out what is the best ROI for you.

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