I have made simple animation where a hand drags an item onto a page. I wanted them to take a curved path so I have added a bezier curve to the path as shown below

enter image description here

This only effects one of the layers so I manually put the same curve into the second layer but it is not perfect. I can see the hand and the contact us box move slightly differently.

How do I lock both layers on the exact same path?

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You could Parent one layer to the other.

This means that one layer controls the position/rotation/scale of the other layer.

See https://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/using/layer-properties.html#parent_and_child_layers for more info.


In addition to @inevitably answer. You shall use parenting, but better not to parent one layer to another, but create Null Object with that monition curve, and parent both layers to it.

Why it may be important:

If you need any motion of "parent layer" in variant provided by @inevitably, it will be pretty difficult to move it without moving child layer. But with Null Object, it will be pretty easy.

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