I'm using active presenter, and I'm trying to mute the audio on an mp4 file I imported, while keeping the mp3 file on another layer playing. But it's seeming that whenever I click properties on the item and go to mute the sound of the video file, it mutes every library file. Including the Mp3 I imported on another layer. And if I turn it back on in the MP3's properties, despite it listing the correct name of the item, it turns it back on for the MP4 file. How can I mute one file while another keeps playing? There's no separate layers for audio/video when I imported the Mp4, otherwise I'd have just deleted it that way. Thanks.


Maybe you have changed the system playback volume by clicking the sound icon in the Properties pane.

You can change the volume of (and mute) any layer or range by using the Adjust Volume tool in Timeline as shown in below image.

enter image description here

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