I am new in any kind of video cutting programs. I started using Hitfilm 3 Express, becuase it's free and simple to use, I think. I'm wondering if and how it is possible to make a video stop for as example 5 seconds, show up a text (to explain something) and then let the video go on. Currently im doing this by splitting the video in two parts, make a screenshot of the scene i want and then insert this screenshot between the two videoparts.

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The usual way to do this is with a speed effect. Create a cut around the one frame you want to render as a still. Your timeline should look like this:

motion-before | single frame | motion-after

You can then place a speed effect on the single frame, slow it down to 0% playback speed, and it will happily play forever if you want. Stretch single frame to 5 seconds of length (120 frames at 24fps) and then composite your text on top.

People do this all the time. Some applications have a "freeze frame effect" which is precisely setting the speed to zero for a default number of seconds.

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