We have some movie, in which we would like to draw live on . So for example, you see an object in the movie, then a circle is being drawn around it , and a few small images jumps out of it.

Can this be done with iMovie ? something like picture in picture effect with the movie and some images ? or should we make the animation separately ?

I know iMovie has this frame by frame effect , but for this to work we would need to have many parts of a circle, then run them frame by frame to the movie- which seems problematic.

Then if we create the animation outside of a movie editor, it wouldn't be transparent - like around an object .

Whats the simplest way ?

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This answer in the Graphic Design forum explains how to make an image background transparent in either of two ways. If you have an animation you have captured (perhaps by screen-casting your drawing session into a series of images), you can use an image editing tool that can do batch processing, such as The GIMP, to create the transparency type most appropriate for your particular scenario.


There is a way to draw in iMovie all you need is a video of a line drawing and then iMovie will do the rest! enter image description here

See if you put it on green/blue screen you can make the video transparent! And it will still be a movie, I made my own movie on keynote! It is better if the movie has a different color background then the drawing because iMovie will just erase everything!

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