I was watching a Twitch.TV stream of a panel of announcers discussing eSports live, and while all of the graphics, sets, backgrounds, lighting looked great, I thought it would be nice if the raw video of the announcers was also processed with composite editing, for a surreal, polished film effect. But I'm not sure: Can a video be composited fast enough to be streamed live, and are there tools capable of doing this?

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The answer is yes, video can be composited fast enough to be streamed live. The tool that does this is called a switcher. Typically a switcher introduces a single frame delay from input to composited output. By connecting the output to a streaming encoder, you can stream out your live, composited video.

For an example, see the Blackmagic Design ATEM System.

  • You can also do it with software, for example Wirecast. Commented Jan 8, 2016 at 7:17

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