I am having this ridiculous problem in Cinema 4D. I created a new project with NOTHING in it. Trying to render it gives me a black screen. I tried adding lights, infinite lights sky, turning off OpenGL rendering... but nothing happens!! I have searched everywhere for a solution but nobody seems to have a problem like this. It worked about a day ago. I updated my graphics driver too.. still nothing happens. Also, EVERYTHING is black, not just one object. Remember, this happened in an empty project i just created with nothing in it.

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  • I had the same Problem! ...i don't know how, but I put some Material on the Light-source ;) Maybe you do the same funny thing :) – Lukas Jan 7 '19 at 22:23

Are you sure it is not functioning as intended? What do you expect to occur on an empty project? I would expect that it should still be black even if you add lights as there is nothing for the lights to reflect off of. If you haven't assigned materials to the objects, depending on the render mode, I'd still expect nothing to show up as it wouldn't be able to reflect any light back at the camera.

Make sure you have lights in the scene, an object (with actual surface geometry) in the scene and materials on the object. If you're still getting black, you may be able to try different render modes. I'm not familiar with Cinema4D specifically, but typically there are different render modes available. This may also be what changed resulting in a change in behavior from what you are used to. Some render modes behave differently in incomplete scenes than others.

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just go to C:\Windows and you will find atiogl.xml file then enter into atiogl.xml file & remove from it that enter image description here

it done

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