I need to create a number of videos from a template - they will have an image background, and then 1-4 separate videos appearing over the top. Something like this:

enter image description here

The catch - these videos will need to be automatically generated in some way by a server.

Is there some software out there that will spit out video files according to a template like this? I'd need a way to set the background image, as well as the number and position of the overlay videos.

This will ideally be done on a Windows server, but I can use other operating systems if need be.


A script that generates a custom ffmpeg command based on inputs provided could do this. You'd need to construct a filter complex with scale/crop filters for each video and multiple overlay filters with time conditions for the compositing. If you're willing to learn and trial it out, grab the Win static binaries here and start with some basic guides.


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