When shooting footage, it's good practice to start a little earlier and end a little later than the actual action. That way, you get more freedom during editing. The same holds true for animated sequences or visual effects.

I'm sure there must be a technical term for that additional time at the start and end of a clip. I'd like to say 'this clip requires 5 frames [additional material at the start] and 10 frames [additional material at the end]'.

What's the term I'm missing? Googling didn't help.

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I can't cite any authority, but the term I've used and heard most often is handles. It's not just used for live shots, but refers to any trimmable material that allows for transition points to be adjusted, etc. In your example I'd say "this clip requires 10-frame handles".


I have heard the term padding but don't know if it's a standardized term

From The Art of The Edit:

To allow time for a good transition, instruct your talent to fix a gaze on the camera for two seconds before and several seconds after a narration. A quick, sideways glance for approval, a swallow or a lick of the lips before or after speaking may be difficult to edit out.

May be confused with pre-roll

Be sure to allow for pre-roll. When you switch a camera from the stop mode to record, it rolls back several seconds before it achieves "speed" and begins taping. Allow five seconds, 10 to be safe, before cuing the talent to begin speaking or executing your shot.

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