I'm using Lightworks as my main video editor (I use Blender occasionally), and use it to color grade too. I want to desaturate my shadows using either Lightworks or Blender, but I can't find that tool. Is it there, and if it's not, is it on something else I can use on my Linux system (not Resolve, needs very specific hardware i can't afford)? LUTs that do this are an option too!

Thnx ahead :)

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In Lightworks, there's the selective color correction tool. By moving the sliders like this you can select the shadows (luma slider) and desaturate them: enter image description here

By clicking "Reveal" you can see which parts of the image are going to be changed. With much thanks to the guys at the Lightworks forum. Source: Lightworks forum: Desaturate shadows


Neither Lightworks nor Blender really offer any coloring functionality advanced enough to do that natively. However, Davinci Resolve is a free program which has very advanced color grading functionality which will allow you to easily desaturate shadows. It also isn't that complicated of a program. It can be difficult to understand all the ins and outs, but basic functions are very intuitive.

  • As stated in my question, resolve is not an option for me because I'm on a linux system and the free version is only for Mac and Windows
    – MetNL
    Dec 16, 2015 at 12:06

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