There are sentences: For analog video or MPEG (including DVD) output, the maximum range for R,G,B is [16, 235] (8-bit). For YUV, the maximum range for intensity (Y) is [16, 235] (8-bit).

Is this saying correct ? I'm thinking that the first sentence contains an error. MPEG has YCbCr encoding .. What do you think about it ?

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Yes, MPEG-2 video is stored as YCbCr, but video editing programs (like Cinelerra) convert the samples to RGB for processing during editing. That range is 16-235.

From Wikipedia on YCbCr

Analog YPbPr from analog R'G'B' is derived as follows:

enter image description here

To get a YUV output in the 16-235 range, the input RGB is also limited.

  • Do you use Cinelerra ? Can you confirm it with screenshots?
    – max_user
    Dec 12, 2015 at 20:02

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