I have an MKV file with multiple subtitles. I would like to mark one set of those subtitles as default, so that it is turned on by default when the video starts playing. NOTE: I do not want to "burn" this subtitles set into the video (I want to be able to turn these subtitles off at any point in time if I so choose).

Is there an MKV editing tool that would allow me to do this?

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There are two aspects to your query - 1)setting one of the subtitle streams as the default and 2)automatically displaying it during playback.I'm not aware of a method to force a player to display subtitles if that facility has been turned off in its settings.

For the first facility, try mkvpropedit from MKVToolNix to set the default flag for a subtitle stream. See 2nd example.

  • Your solution worked wonderfully. What do you recommend as a GUI for MKVToolNix?
    – ltcomdata
    Dec 3, 2015 at 17:18
  • The standard installer does come with a GUI. It's what I use. Here's a GUI for mkvpropedit, but I haven't used it personally.
    – Gyan
    Dec 3, 2015 at 17:49

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