I need to get a live video stream from a RED camera into a proprietary app running under OSX (though I can switch to Windows if necessary). I'm unable to find any information about getting a live preview from a RED camera.

We have a video shoot tomorrow. The video is going to be shown in a 3D environment, and we need to make sure that the actors' eyeline, etc. is correct for their position within the simulation. Note that we're recording 2D video, not 3D - the flat video will be placed on a plane within a 3D environment.

Preview resolution is unimportant - 320x200 would work fine for this stage of production.

The best solution I have at the moment is to tape a webcam to the side of the RED and use that as the input to my application. That will work, but I don't think the camera owner will be thrilled with my use of duct tape.

My app works fine with a webcam interface, but somehow I doubt that RED has something like that available.


(In case it matters, the application is a Unity3D app running under OSX. Video is being displayed within a 3D room on an Oculus Rift.)


You can tap the SDI output port of any RED camera and feed that to a hardware device that reads 1080p video. Blackmagic make some things that translate SDI -> internal video stream via PCIe card (Decklink), USB (Ultrastudio), and Thunderbolt (Ultrastudio for Thunderbolt). This would be the easy way to do it.

If you have a RED DRAGON (EPIC or SCARLET) with the latest firmware, there's a RED Tether option. It requires a special LEMO->RJ45 cable, and it feeds live video out the ethernet port. See this article for more info.

  • It may be worth noting that the EPIC camera we were using had an HDMI output. I actually wound up pointing a cheap webcam at one of the monitors and feeding that into my app. Not ideal, but sufficient for the task at hand. – 3Dave Nov 22 '15 at 17:08

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