I would like to present a digital art show using audio and video. For this I was thinking of using 10 TV sets.

Is there a way that I could use my MacBook Pro to show either:

a) 10 separate videos (1 per TV screen) or b) a single video to all 10 screens

My MacBook Pro is less than a year old and has a single HDMI output. Is there any software out there that could handle this?

Apologies if this sounds ludicrous. I am a complete novice! Grateful for any advice / pointers.


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a) You can't output 10 different video signals on your single HDMI output. Besides limitation of the graphic card of your computer, that would also require generating/reading 10 different video streams from your computer. One possible option, depending on your project aim and structure, is to produce 1 hi definition video stream from your computer and use an external tool to tile/scale it in 10 different screens (something like http://www.ambery.com/2x2hdvgaviwa.html)

b) sending same video to all 10 screens only requires that you have a one input/ten outputs HDMI splitter (assuming your ten screens have a HDMI input).

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