I'd like to grade a Final Cut Pro X project with Davinci Resolve. Unfortunately my Final Cut experience is very limited and I don't understand how to get a consolidated project, linked to the original footage files in order to create a clean xml file for Davinci Resolve.

When I try to consolidate a project (File > Consolidate), Final Cut creates additional, encoded and conformed files with a weird naming scheme - unfortunately this is not what I expect.

Is there a way to keep the source footage links and create a 'clean edit' which is assembled from the source material instead?

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What I'd do:

  1. Duplicate the project for a backup.
  2. "Collapse" the timeline from the bottom up: Lasso all of the clips immediately above the primary storyline (to make a Premiere analogy, if the primary storyline is V1, then select all of the clips on V2), right click, and select "overwrite to primary storyline."
  3. Repeat step 2 until there are no clips above the primary storyline.
  4. File->Export XML
  5. Import this xml file into Resolve
  6. Color clips
  7. Render individual source files
  8. Replace FCPX clips with new ones

I don't have my DaVinci Dongle on me, or I'd elaborate on that side.


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