how can I creat a effect wich can be seen in this video at 0:19 seconds?

Is it generated in after effects with native effects or AE can't do this without external plugins?

I already know how to make it follow a path, I just want to generate the floating energy, light, etc effect.

maybe it is a pre rendered effect and the company just make it follow a path?

sorry, my english isn't good. btw, Thanks!

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This effect can be achieved by using different particle systems.

I've almost done the same thing for TV-show intro. It was done with Red Giant Trapcode Particular plugin, see the result here.

You should move your emitter in 3D space with different particle settings for different effects. Also see this tutorial on how to work with Trapcode Particular.

However Trapcode Particular is pretty expensive. After Effects is shipped with the following built-in particle system effects:

  • CC Particle Systems II
  • CC Particle World
  • Particle Playground

You can try to reach same result with them. But they have poor set of settings.

  • Whoa! thank you very much! I didn't know the existence of this plugin until now. Now I must practice for my job interview test :D
    – Thunderdoc
    Sep 6, 2015 at 18:59

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