What is the best video size for let's say a 5 minute video. I want to host my own videos. So, I want to understand more.

What is an acceptable size?

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    Why not have a look at youtube's specs for a ballpark? Then test it on your server on a variety of devices and locations. bit.ly/1NNxDhX – stib Aug 29 '15 at 11:58
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    possible duplicate of How to compress videos for a website? – Fred42vid Sep 21 '15 at 11:18

First off, why host your own videos? YouTube, Vimeo and many others have awesome embed tools, and unless you have a couple of GB to waste on your host, they're very practical.

But to your question, 1080x720 is perfectly fine, and creates a reasonable file size. 1920x1080 is pushing it a little, and 4K is just overkill.

I'm a web developer too, and when I have to host videos for a live background, featured video, etc, 1080x720 is my go to resolution, and I host things of larger size on YouTube since they'll take something like a 4K video, and give viewers the option of a resolution as low as 360p.


I would analyze how YouTube encodes videos, as described in this answer. It also helps you to understand the logic behind it.

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