A legal friend of mine received a file from a colleague with a .g64 file extension that she needs to view. My searching indicates that the .64 file extension is some form of proprietary security video format but I can't determine the exact software.

I checked VLC but it doesn't look like there is any native support for it, and I couldn't find any addon codecs for it. Other references to download player software for it look like they are probably just click-bait scams.

Any ideas what I can use to play the video?


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.g64 is the extension of the proprietary video format from Genetec, a provider of IP video surveillance. Even 5 years after your question I have not found any library to open them or player to read them other than the official player. Not sure where to find it, part of their doc is behind a login wall. You might try http://downloadcenter.genetec.com/products/SecurityCenter/GenetecVideoPlayer/GenetecVideoPlayer.exe

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