I want to copy the whole settings of the composition to the other, all keyframes, transition points, 3d layer etc. In Adobe After Effects


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This is not possible to do in one step, it is only possible to duplicate compositions:

  • Select the composition (Import Footage Panel)
  • Press Ctrl+D (or go to Composition > Duplicate Composition)
  • As (almost) everywhere in AE, hit Enter on the selected composition to rename the duplicate

When you need to copy the properties of a layer:

  • Select the Layer
  • Click on the tiny Triangle > left beside the layers name to open up the properties
  • Select Transform, Effects or Mask
  • Press Ctrl+C
  • Switch to the Second Composition
  • Select the Layer
  • Set the playhead to the animation start frame (first keyframe)
  • Press Ctrl+V to overwrite all properties and insert all copied keyframes

To check the result, press U on the Layer, this will open up all animated properties of the layer.

Note: Copying the same properties of different layers is also possible by selecting multiple layers, open up the properties simultaneously, and select them by holding down Ctrl or Shift.

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