After screen capturing a video and editing it with Premiere CS3*, I'd like some help optimizing the Quicktime filesize. I was wondering if I can get the ratio back to 1:1 at least.

I have tried to best match my project settings to my original video type, but when I export my edit, the filesize increases from 55mb (10min) to 963mb (7min).

Original video Settings

  • H.264 Codec / AAC 44.1khz, 448kbps Audio
  • 1280*720 @ 25fps
  • VBR Bitrate (many still frames are present), High quality, High Profile

Premiere Project Settings

  • HDV 720p Preset
  • 1280*720, 25fps
  • No fields (Progressive scan)
  • Video Rendering Setting: Maximum Bit Depth (unchecked), Optimize Stills (checked)

Movie Export Settings

  • H.264
  • 1280*720, 25fps
  • Millions of Colours
  • Quality 86% (don't understand!)
  • Data Rate: Recompress - Always (checked) or Maintain Data Rate (unchecked) Limit Data Rate: (unavailable)

Keyframe and Rendering:

  • Bit Depth: Use Project Settings (checked)/ 8-bit (unchecked)/ Maximum (unchecked)
  • Fields: No Fields (Progressive Scan)/ Lower Field First (unchecked)/ Upper Field First (unchecked) - De-interlace Video Footage (unchecked)
  • Optimize Stills (checked).

*Apologies for using outdated software.

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I've now solved this problem. I was using Export > Movie, when I needed to go to Adobe Media Encoder to find more extensive options. I kept most settings the same, but believe turning 'Bitrate' off may have decreased the data rate. I got the filesize down to around 120mb, which is much better.

This video helped me find the Adobe Media Encoder.

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