I am teacher , I am teaching web technologies and programming languages ,sometimes i need explain some technologies by some animation . here is an example https://vimeo.com/113530912

i wants know what techniques used in this like video and what best way to start.

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In the example given, motion graphics techniques are used. Motion graphics consists of Graphic Design and Animation, of course. In order to create something like that, you need a tool which includes typography, color and animation features, but actually it's key to handle and process all of your design assets, like flow charts, icons, images or backdrops, which created in other applications with animation in mind.

In general you can do this in many 2D animation tools, but In terms of flexibility and speed, I suggest you to use Adobe After Effects in combination with Illustrator or Photoshop. Almost every image and vector format is supported, so in this you don't have to deal with technical limitations. Also It's layer based and for this reason easy to learn for this kind of animation work.

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