I keep reading that for proper sound you should use an external recorder like the Zoom H1 or H4N with your DSLR. Until now, I was only using an external microphone, namely the Takstar SGC-598, without an extra recorder.

My question is, how do you mount both the mic and the recorder on the DSLR which has only one hot shoe.

Recently, I've been shooting my first documentary video, holding the camera just like that with no steadycam, shoulder rig etc. Also, I was on my own so there was nobody to hold the microphone (and potentially a recorder) separately. Therefore I had to attach it directly to the camera. Having only the camera with little extra gear made the shooting very dynamic which I liked.

I looked at a few Hot Shoe Y-Adapters but none really convinced me.

Do you have any experience with a setup like this? How do you mount mic and recorder on the camera?

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There are multiple answers.

The easiest and cheaper solution is to get a shoe extender.

The more professional way is to get an external recorder specifically designed for DSLR mounting. Look at the products of BeachTek and JuiceLink for examples.

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