I am looking for an open-source solution for automatically pulling films/TV shows informations. I've found MetaX (Windows only) and Subler (MacOSX only) from a post here. Apparently metadata sources can be found from: TVDB, TheMovieDB, Amazon, and tagChimp, as well as IMDB, ref here.

I know I can use MP4Box (or libav/ffmpeg) to easily add metadata (including Cover Art), but really what I would like is a script and/or GUI to easily retrieve metadata (plot summary, cast and crew, genre, release data, Cover Art as JPEG...).

Some people suggested using VLC on Linux. But I cannot get anything to work over here (using debian/jessie amd64). Neither the “Download Cover Art”, nor the “Add Cover Art” seems to work.

VLC Screenshot

The first one does nothing, the second one print this on the console:

[00007f3fc4567d38] taglib meta writer error: File /tmp/big_buck_bunny_480p_h264.mov can't be opened for tag writing

Bonus point: if this could be integrated to Handbrake, that would be awesome.


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After some research, I discover this post.

So far the API for http://www.omdbapi.com has proven to be exactly what I wanted. For completeness, I found those command line tools helpful:

And on debian:

$ sudo apt-get install python-imdbp

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