I bought a Video-2-PC DIY Video Capture Kit which includes a copy of ArcSoft Showbiz 3.5, which I found to be too restrictive and low quality, and VirtualDub, which I eventually got to grips with and started using after many viewings of the included tutorial.

However, the longer the capture the more the video and audio are out of sync and I have not been able to resolve this.

Can anyone recommend some software that can capture, deinterlace, and compress video from an input source (a VHS player, in my case) while accounting for and correcting blemishes (audio sync problems, in my case)?


This is because the frame rate of the pictures are not exact.

The solution is to note how long the video is after capturing it.

Then save the audio only, and stretch it to that length.

Then put the audio and the video back together, for instance with mkvmerge.


I would suggest using dedicated hardware for this, that ensures synchronization. For example the Canopus ADVC110.

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