I have a bit of a crappy set for my Youtube stuff and, recently, I had a small windfall of sorts and was able to buy some lightbulbs and clamp lights. No, I couldn't buy a proper lighting kit, (it was only $50). I was hoping to get some recommendations on lighting my set.

So, here's what I have:

  • 5 5000k 800 Lumen CFLs bulbs
  • 5 6000k 1050 Lumen LED bulbs (accidentally ordered the wrong temp :( )
  • a 3 light rail above my set for lighting the background.
  • a ceiling mount bar for clamping clamp lights to far away from the set. It currently has 3 clamp lights on it.
  • 4 unused clap lights.

Below is a rough sketch of my current setup. Here is a picture of it as well. The rectangles on the walls are both two shelves above another at 5' and 6'5".

My lighting setup feels uneven I'm trying to light as flatly as I can and I don't know where I should place those additional clamp lights. I'd really just like to make the most of my lights so I can reduce the ISO to get less noise. Also, I don't know how I should place these different temps so that I get a consistent coloring across the set (so that my white balance calibration will be consistent, that is).

I currently shoot at 30fps, 3.5 FStop, at 640 ISO on my Samsung NX300. For reference: here is a video shot on my current lighting configuration.


  • Have a look at 3 point lighting setups. There's heaps of tutorials around, this one's not bad: bhpho.to/1zNfha9
    – stib
    Feb 12 '15 at 1:20

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