I use normally: loopOut('cycle') expression to loop a movement. But sometimes I want to loop an animation like this:

  • 1-3 frames -> rotation 30deg
  • 3x loop a full rotation
  • after looping -> add 10 other frames and
  • make rotation 120deg

How is it possible to loop between this actions and not using copy+paste?

Here is a link to my work

I loop the arms motion, but as you see in the first frames the left arm has to wait until the right arm does the first half of the motion. If I add a half motion to the left arm I can't loop it. I would have to avoid copy+paste because I want to loop it 40 times. At the end of my animation I also need a different motion with the right or left because the swimmer has to touch the wall with two hands. I hope, I was clear.

  • Welcome jeki :) Could you add a example comp or some images to your question to understand your issue exactly?
    – p2or
    Feb 2, 2015 at 12:15

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Using time remapping could be a solution. You animate one full circle of the animation and precompose this. Then you time remap that layer and use loopOut('cycle').

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