Isn't there a quick way to create a DVD movie with menus and everything in Adobe Encore or Premier? I mean like for instance the old iDVD on Macs where you could choose a preexisting theme and iDVD would do the rest for you (once you've chosen the chapters etc).

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Starting with Adobe CC, Adobe removed a program from their Premiere suite called Encore. Encore had all the same benefits of Dynamic Link - you didn't need to render your project, just add your project file, and boom - transcoded to DVD in one step, without an intermediate.

Now, for CC users, you still have a licence for CS6, and can downloaded Encore still, through the Creative Cloud launcher.

What you do have to do, is first make an intermediate render. You've got two basic choices:

  1. Render a Master copy, full res, full quality, with no or very little compression (ProRes, DNxHD etc.)
  2. Render a DVD-ready MPEG2, that will not need transcoding in Encore. There are presets for this in Media Encoder.

Adobe has the information you'll need to download Encore in their Help Documentation. Summarised, you install Premiere CS6, which also installs Encore CS6. Then, uninstalling only Premiere will leave you with Encore CS6, as well as all your regular Adobe CC apps.

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