I'm looking out to buy some storage for a session of logging a lot of tapes, and I want to guage how much space I will need. How much disk space does 1 mini DV tape digitised in HDV take?


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mini DV is already digital format. The bitrate is 25Mbps. So, 1 hour occupies approximately 11 Gigabytes

  • Note that 25Mbps is only the video stream. The audio stream is an additional 192kbps per channel. Granted, that doesn't make a huge difference in the overall file size, but it does mean things end up a bit closer to 12 gigabytes per hour.
    – AJ Henderson
    Dec 2, 2014 at 15:29

It is approximately 11GB per hour, though I do tend to round up a bit when I make my calculations.

Digital Rebellion has a handy Video Space Calculator on their website (also available as an iOS app). You can select the format, frame rate, and video length.

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