I want to check is there any way to compare portion of video(video clip) with full video? for example: if i have a particular video of scene in a movie and full movie video, how to check whether these clip belongs to that movie. if i have thousands of clips and thousands full movies, how can i find which clip belongs to which full video.


If the clips both have the same audio track, you can use audio fingerprinting techniques to identify them. Apart from that, OpenCV can do similarity checks on video: http://docs.opencv.org/2.4/doc/tutorials/highgui/video-input-psnr-ssim/video-input-psnr-ssim.html

And BTW. if using the audio fingerprinting method, as you can see with Shazam or musicbrainz.org seems to be managable from the amount of data.


If you can figure that out, sell it to youtube or google... what you are talking about is a MASSIVE database of all the movies ever to exist and some sort of algorithm that can categorize and sort those millions, maybe billions, of terabytes of data in a fast and efficient way to compare them with a random user inputted movie scene. This is much like what youtube currently does with their copyright protection system, however on a much more data rich scale.

If online content providers had this 'software' there would be far less pirated content.

So the answer to your question is, there is no easy way of doing this, nor is there a program that exists that does this.

  • YouTube does that! I uploaded an excerpt of newsagency footage for the students of a workshop I did and YouTube detected it was from a copyrighted source and asked me if I wanted to proceed (with informing the copyright owner). Mar 14 '16 at 2:42
  • youtube does it on the basis of audio, not video, two very different things, and it would only work with footage that has ALREADY been uploaded to youtube and thus has a unique track fingerprint. moreover, this is also the case with stock audio as alot of stock websites upload their stuff to youtube's content management so that they can make sure its being used with licenses.
    – Alex
    Mar 15 '16 at 12:04
  • So what, using the audio clip to match videos is one solution for the problem of the original question posted here... As the author says, he has thousands of clips and thousands of videos, so I think you are assuming things the OP wants to do which he never mentioned. Mar 15 '16 at 12:14
  • And BTW, video fingerprinting also exists and IS used already. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_video_fingerprinting Mar 15 '16 at 12:16
  • First off, youtube doesnt have an open api to connect to the content management. OP is assuming thousands of examples, and undoubtedly few are posted on youtube (legally/without being taken down). Sure you could use audio fingerprinting but it doesn't change the fact that you need a huge and complete database as well as terbytes of storage for fingerprint comparators. Secondly, you mention video fingerprinting exists when it primarily exists as a marker/header/hash in the file (which can be stripped, and usually is when uploaded online).
    – Alex
    Mar 15 '16 at 12:26

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