I want to edit this montage of James Bond Intros. What I want is remove the real james bond, as a beginner what will you suggest a good video editor for this kind of situation?

  • Okay, so what is it that you would like to achieve, would you like to replace the subject, or do you simply just want to omit him from the shot?
    – epiclapser
    Commented Feb 11, 2015 at 18:01

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All of these seem to be simple circle mattes, you just need an editing system that allows you to generate a circle mask that has an animatable position.

You will need 3 pieces of media: 1- the original footage 2- the new actor to go in the circle (or a neutral shot) 3- the moving circle mask

You will need to animate the circle to follow the original circle, then use the circle mask to reveal the new footage in the hole.

I can recommend using the Open Software "Blender", it has a Video editor called the VSE and a system of user defined masks that you can animate with.


Imageneer systems, Mocha Pro is about as easy as it gets. See this example/tutorial
But it is far from simple!

There are versions of Mocha available for After Effects and Hitfilm as well. I'm not sure If they are capable of doing this.

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