I recorded some videos using a JVC recorder. Now I am trying to upload those videos to my PC, but the format it .ced. How do I play/convert this file to a different format on my pc?

  • how big is the file? – tomh Aug 22 '19 at 11:01

According to this post on Adobe's forums, the CED file is an attempt by the camera to save a corrupted video file that occurs when the memory card is not formatted in a way it can write video correctly. It may or may not actually contain a usable video stream depending on what went wrong. I couldn't find any PC tools that would open it reliably, but JVC might have something if you check with them.


You might want to whack it with MediaInfo (note the Windows GUI comes with adware, but the CLI version doesn't). If it can find stuff in there maybe we can save it. You probably can rescue it with ffmpeg if MediaInfo can find something in it. You can double check this with ffmpeg's ffprobe too.

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