I am using ffmpeg to capture a video recording device and would like to add an overlay to it .

I have images being rendered on the fly and I would like to use them as the overlay .

How can I take a set of Images as they are being rendered and use it as an overlay to a video stream ?


Couldn't wait! Figured it out:

I saved an image to the file out.png at a fixed frame rate from processing.

Created a fifo:

mkfifo fifo

Then in one terminal:

tail -f out.png  > fifo

Then in another terminal:

cat fifo | ffmpeg  -f image2pipe -r 1 -i pipe:0 spo.mp4

Making sure to close tail first allowing ffmpeg to write the last bit of the file.

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    Wow, thats a really nice "hack".
    – timonsku
    Nov 8 '14 at 10:51

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