Is there a Linux command-line option to do lens correction on videos? (Either as a tool, or a collection of tools)

Specifically, GoPro videos? I know I can do correction in GoPro Studio, but I need something that I can incorporate into a batch process.


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Frei0r effects has a lenscorrection module: https://ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-filters.html#frei0r-1

this is an example to remove the fisheye distortion of a samyang 7.5mm

-filter_complex 'frei0r=lenscorrection:0.5:0.5:0.16:0.6'

this is the docs from the mlt framework for frei0r lenscorrection https://www.mltframework.org/bin/view/MLT/FilterFrei0r-lenscorrection


Based on an an answer to Correct lens distortion with ffmpeg it is possible with the OpenCV toolkit

(That may also mean this is a duplicate question)

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