How can I examine a QuickTime file: is there a standard utility? Or passable third party utilities?

I'd like to be able to try to debug these problems myself before resorting to "randomly install all the codecs you can find."

I use Adobe Premiere (I'm on 5) and using OSX 10.8.5 .

Example: I'm having a problem similar to the (unanswered) one in Can't import some .mov files into Adobe Premiere, it says “Codec missing or unavailable”:

Adobe Premiere 5 says "codec missing or unavailable" when trying to import a .mov file… but the .mov file plays fine in Quicktime.

  • UPDATE: the root cause of this is the file was generated by Final Cut Pro, which wrote it with a Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) - specifically "hdv2" – MonkeyWidget May 27 '14 at 14:45

The go-to tool of my choice is MediaInfo. It's multi plattform, open-source and can analyze a big deal of formats out there, including QuickTime. So far I barley found an unsupported format. You'll get a lot of very usefull information for debugging format issues from this tool.

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