I'm wondering how I can expand the transformation line like it's possible for the compositing. Can it be done? Where can I edit the connection between two keyframes from linear to ...?

Video animation dialoge: How to open the transformation pane like the compositing one at the bottom?

  • Try clicking on the little triangle next to the name. I don't have FCPX myself, but that generally indicates that something can be expanded.
    – AJ Henderson
    Feb 18 '14 at 15:43

You cannot expand the Transform Line in the Timeline. You can finetune your Position keyframes separately in the Viewer.

  • Create keyframes and navigate between them with the keyframe buttons in the top-left corner of the Viewer.

    keyframe buttons

Position keyframes

  • Click the Transform button in the lower-left corner of the Viewer (Shift-T).

    transform button

  • The yellow handles in the middle of your clip are your position keyframes. Control-click on one of them.

    keyframe popup

  • Choose Smooth in the popup, you will see two smaller red dots, they are the bezier handles!

    bezier handles

  • You can change direction and speed by moving the bezier handles.

    • change the length of the handle that points to the other keyframe
    • short means fast, long means slow
    • set your start speed in the first keyframe, and your end speed in the last keyframe.
    • if you make them both short, you will start gradually, speed up in the middle and slow down before stopping. use it for a smooth motion
    • if you make them both long, you will start promptly, slow down in the middle and stop abruptly. Use this effect to imitate gravity (bouncing)

Rotation and Scale keyframes

  • These can also be set separately but they are not visible on the Position line in the viewer as yellow dots.
  • In the middle of your clip is the blue Rotation handle.
  • On the corners and borders are the eight blue handles for Scaling.
  • Scale and Rotation keyframes don't have a smooth option in FCPX. It might be possible to do that in Motion.

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