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Top new questions this week:

How to automatedly synchronize video recording with pre-recorded music track?

When they film music videos ---ones that require the artist to lip sync in cooordination with a pre-recorded song--- do they synchronize the moment that the cameraman hits the record button on the ...

audio video-recording sync audio-recording music  
asked by user610620 1 vote
answered by Jason Conrad 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Easiest way to stitch GoPro videos that have been split due to length?

I am recording 15-minutes videos with my GoPro Hero 3 Black edition. The camera starts a new file every 10 minutes of recording by default. I do not think I can change this in a setting. When I do ...

video software editing  
asked by uncovery 6 votes
answered by uncovery 1 vote

What's the difference between Behringer XENYX 1202FX and the Behringer Eurorack UB1202FX?

Behringer makes two mixers with preamps that look the same. One of them is Eurorack lineup. XENYX 1202FX (sometimes marketed as premium) EURORACK UB1202FX Here are the pictures: Could someone help ...

asked by Evan Carroll 7 votes
answered by Zeronyne 6 votes

How to convert video to ogv and webm versions with a high quality result?

What is the best software for mac to convert video to ogv and webm versions with a high quality result? I have adobe media encoder, is there is a setting or plugin available to do so in there? or ...

asked by Katherine Hunter 9 votes

Typical size of one hour long mp4 video

What is the typical size of a mp4 video, size 1280x720 encoded by ffmpeg libx264, and lasts for one hour? Currently my file is around 700Mb, is it too much?

asked by Dzung Nguyen 3 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 6 votes

VLC 3.0 (Vetinari): Unable to play 360 videos

I installed the last VLC version (3.0.0 (Vetinari) on Windows 7 64 bits) which supports 360 video playback. In order to do some tests I downloaded the following 360 video from Vimeo: https://vimeo....

ffmpeg vlc 360video vimeo  
asked by LeoDalmag 1 vote
answered by manuel 1 vote

FCPX Crashes again and again

I was working on a project in FCPX. Suddenly it crashed. After that the library on which I was working is not opening. Whenever I try to open it it crashes again. It was my 2 weeks of edit. How can I ...

asked by Nirmit Shahi 3 votes
answered by Jason Conrad 2 votes

ffmpeg drawtext filter - create transparent background with text

I am currently working with the drawtext filter. So far I have only been successful with drawtext option configurations to use the right font and place the text horizontally centered. How could i get ...

video ffmpeg  
asked by Code_Ed_Student 14 votes
answered by llogan 25 votes
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