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How to Create a High Quality, Small File Size .mp4 from .mov

Recently, I helped a friend produce a short zombie comedy. He has now asked me to add it to the film's website as a digital download. I'm not having issues with the digital download. My issue is how ...

compression mp4  
user avatar asked by Travis Pflanz Score of 10
user avatar answered by Friend of Kim Score of 18

How to use mouse drag gesture to position & size a still image in Premiere Pro CS6

I would like to be able to position a still image using the mouse/pointer directly on the image, to be able to drag the whole image around or resize it by dragging one of its corners or sides. I'm ...

premiere cs6  
user avatar asked by therobyouknow Score of 5
user avatar answered by timonsku Score of 8

In Adobe Priemiere Pro CC, export media window does not appear

In Adobe Priemiere Pro CC 2018, when I use the File > Export > Media menu item, the export media window does not appear! I've confirmed that it's not merely hidden behind other windows or on ...

user avatar asked by Ben Wheeler Score of 3
user avatar answered by Ben Wheeler Score of 7

Losing audio/video sync in Adobe Premiere with mp4's

I have two videos to combine in Adobe Premiere. They play okay in a video player, but putting them into Adobe Premiere CS6 suddenly makes the audio unsynced with the video (even in the Source Monitor)....

premiere sync  
user avatar asked by Zeno Score of 11
user avatar answered by Gyan Score of 2

What is KeyInt and min-keyint and no-scenecut

I am absolutely new to video processing, I am building a video streaming site and worked with ffmpeg to generate the formats I need for ShakaPackager. Sadly I don't understand some of the options ...

video ffmpeg audio  
user avatar asked by George Score of 16
user avatar answered by mcont Score of 30

Calculating duration when changing playback speed

This maybe a pretty simple question, but I can't get around it for some reason. When I speed up a video to say 1.5x or 2x, how do I get the total time that video would take?

user avatar asked by karun mathews Score of 4

Upon export in Premiere Pro, colors lose saturation when previewing in QuickTime

I working on a project that I originally began in Premiere Pro CS6 on Windows, converted to CC, and am not editing in CC on Mac. I was making some minor tweaks to the video and getting ready to export,...

premiere mac color-correction  
user avatar asked by Ben McCormack Score of 7
user avatar answered by nchpmn Score of 7
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