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Fix bad files and streams with ffmpeg so VLC and other players would not crash

It happened me many times that I could end up in corrupted video files: video downloaded from official sources but with torrent and for some reason not all the pieces are there in .mkv, .ts or .mp4 ...

ffmpeg h.264  
user avatar asked by user3450548 Score of 41
user avatar answered by Gyan Score of 57

Render failed - Davinci Resolve 16

I have a problem with exporting an old timeline from Resolve. In 15 it worked fine, but I did some changes in an old composition and want to export the updated version. Error message says: Render ...

video-editor editing davinci-resolve  
user avatar asked by Sophie Score of 3

How to get FFMPEG to join non-sequential image files? (skip by 3s)

I have a bunch of images, that follow this pattern. 0001.png 0004.png 0007.png 0010.png 0013.png 0016.png 0019.png ... They're in the correct order, but FFMPEG ignores anything after the first file, ...

ffmpeg linux  
user avatar asked by Brigand Score of 38
user avatar answered by rymo Score of 29

How to Create a High Quality, Small File Size .mp4 from .mov

Recently, I helped a friend produce a short zombie comedy. He has now asked me to add it to the film's website as a digital download. I'm not having issues with the digital download. My issue is how ...

compression mp4  
user avatar asked by Travis Pflanz Score of 10
user avatar answered by Friend of Kim Score of 18

How to use ffprobe to obtain certain information about mp4/h.264 files

I am but a lowly PHP developer that has been tasked with retrieving some basic information about 100's of thousands of video files. I've had some luck using ffmpeg and extracting the video bitrate, ...

user avatar asked by GDP Score of 22
user avatar answered by llogan Score of 27

How can I seamlessly loop with turbulent displace filter in AE?

Please have a look at my website on a chrome browser. On the left you see a looping movie of the tree wobbling around. This was made by tweening the evolution filter of the turbulent ...

user avatar asked by OpherV Score of 3
user avatar answered by p2or Score of 4

How to reduce wind noise from a video?

I am using a Canon EOS-650D to record video and I have a problem with wind/noise on my recordings. Can anyone tell me how can I reduce noise/wind from the recorded video. I usually edit my videos on ...

video noise-reduction  
user avatar asked by Moeed Farooqui Score of 10
user avatar answered by AJ Henderson Score of 8

Can you answer this question?

Edit text while playing a video in Premiere

Something I do to help me organize my timeline is typing out section descriptions, relevant quotes, and other information in text layers over my video. This is the easiest thing to do in Resolve, ...

user avatar asked by Alex Score of 1
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