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Top new questions this week:

Make a solid push another solid

Here's the situation: I'm not new to After Effects. I've been using it for a while and I could say I'm an intermediate user. My knowledge is limited to everything but expressions. So, I have a white ...

after-effects after-effects-expressions  
asked by spund3 3 votes

After Effects melting film strip in the old projector

I want to make the effect of a melting film strip in the old projector. Please tell me how this can be done with After Effects? I have all the necessary footages, but after blending it does not look ...

video after-effects editing effects  
asked by Oleksandr Osheko 3 votes
answered by Florian Claaßen 3 votes

Resolve - Blur the edges of an inserted clip

I am totally new to DaVinci Resolve. I have included a small video on top of another footage, in the bottom right corner. How can I blur the edges of this inserted video? I am able to blur the ...

asked by user1156544 1 vote
answered by user1156544 0 votes

Why won't certain videos preview in MacOS Finder any more?

It used to be possible to preview all ProRes and PNG sequence .mov video files in the Finder in MacOS, by selecting the file and pressing the spacebar. Now it isn't. It's a pain. Is there a ...

file-formats mac prores preview  
asked by tomh 1 vote

What is the normal rendering time?

I have i3-7100 CPU and 16 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM. I know it's not much, but why Adobe Media Encoder 2020 is rendering my simple 720p video with subtitles so slow?! It takes 20 minutes to render my 5 ...

adobe-media-encoder rendering  
asked by Steven 1 vote
answered by OysterBoo 2 votes

compress video for backup

I want to compress a video to store it for backup purpose. By that, I mean that I don't need to play video when it is compress format. So I don't want to lose quality or something like that, just ...

asked by geo667 1 vote
answered by Matt 0 votes

Changing duration of multiple After Effects layers at once

Can I set duration of multiple After Effects (freezed frame) layers to a fixes value (e.g. 4 seconds each) at once?

after-effects presentation  
asked by ramiwi 1 vote
answered by tomh 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to make 1:1 ratio video in Davinci Resolve?

I want to make 1:1 ratio Instagram videos using Davinci Resolve. But I am unable to find how to change the aspect ratio to 1:1 using Davinci Resolve.

asked by Gurjyot Singh 2 votes
answered by Softsah 3 votes

How do I change FPS in a sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

I imported some images for a LEGO stop motion but the animation is going too fast. When I change FPS to something smaller and export, the video is tiny. I'm not really sure what I do when I change ...

premiere adobe  
asked by Legocake123 1 vote
answered by Michael Tiemann 3 votes

How to encode a video at 30 FPS from images taken at 7 FPS

I have no knowledge whatsoever about video encoding, I have an application written in OpenGL and I am saving the frames it generated into png images. The frames from my app are at 7 FPS and I am ...

asked by BRabbit27 23 votes
answered by Saaru Lindestøkke 23 votes

Why doesn't the Play button Play in Premiere CS6?

I am editing a video in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on a 2012 MacBook Pro with the Intel HD Graphics 4000. Sometimes the play button does not play the footage anymore, I can press the button but nothing ...

asked by forrest 4 votes
answered by Snikkas 3 votes

ffmpeg Color Correction: Gamma, Brightness and Saturation

How is ffmpeg used with a video filter circa 2017 to adjust gamma/contrast, brightness and saturation? Stack Exchange resources that are a few years old point to the filter mp=eq2=, but it seems to ...

ffmpeg color-correction  
asked by Winterflags 23 votes
answered by Winterflags 24 votes

What is the best universal video format / extension so that it can be viewed on iPad and PCs

So, someone asked me this question today, and I am very curious about the answer. This person wants to put up a video on a website, and wants it to be viewable on both the iPad and on PCs. They don't ...

asked by Rolo 2 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 5 votes

Graphic music visualizer without after effects?

I would like to make a YouTube video that has a music visualizer on it (like in Monstercat videos), but I don't want to have to pay for After Effects. Is there a free way to do it? I know I can get ...

youtube freeware  
asked by thislooksfun 8 votes
answered by PTS 2 votes

Can you answer these questions?

How can I distinguish a freeze frame from the moving parts of the video?

Im wondering whats a good way for distinguishing (marking) a freeze frame from the moving parts of the video so it will not look like a problem that stopped the video player app? I prefer keeping the ...

after-effects presentation  
asked by ramiwi 1 vote
answered by Matt 0 votes

Play two soundtracks, from an "mkv" movie, on two different devices

I have "mkv" movies with two soundtracks, one English and one French. I'd like to play the video and the French soundtrack on my TV and the English soundtrack on my bluetooth earphones. Is there a ...

audio mkv video-player  
asked by Samuel 2 votes
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