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Top new questions this week:

How can I recreate this distortion effect from Midsommar?

I want to create a distortion effect around someone's head, kind of like what a swirly bokeh would do. There are two different shots that I could find that use this effect in the film 'Midsommar', ...

video premiere after-effects effects  
asked by Jodast 2 votes
answered by Clif 2 votes

Shooting in 4:3 Aspect Ratio

I'm a filmmaking student planning to shoot a shortfilm, I want to give it a special visual style that's why I will try to shoot it as if it were square aspect ratio, the problem is, since it's an ...

editing aspect shooting  
asked by Santi Tinjacá Rivera 2 votes
answered by Jason Conrad 1 vote

Streaming 720p @ 30fps over 5G wifi to multicast with FFMpeg has terribly bad quality

I am trying to stream my Intel RealSense D435 RGB camera input to a multicast address on my network. Please note, video streaming, encoding, is very new to me - I do not understand much, when ...

video ffmpeg streaming  
asked by user27427 1 vote

How to make video with a scrolling graphic?

I want to make video like this I am noob in video making...give some direction to start

video-editor youtube  
asked by Pankaj Chaudhary 1 vote
answered by Joshjurg 4 votes

How do the super resolution filters in FFmpeg work?

I need to incorporate a small amount of 1080p HD shots in a 2160p 4K composition. I'm not impressed by default upscaling techniques like lanczos/bicubic/trilinear; it seems like my television does a ...

ffmpeg scale quality  
asked by Redsandro 1 vote
answered by Jason Conrad 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Adobe Premiere preview video lagging

I am attempting to edit video in Adobe Premiere CS6. When I create a sequence and try to play it back in the preview screen, the video is extremely choppy, which makes editing very difficult (dance ...

video video-editor premiere preview  
asked by scallionpancake 8 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 3 votes

encoding 4:2:2 in 10-bit with libx264

I believe that libx264 is now capable of doing 10-bit 4:2:2 encodings, but I can't seem to get it to work. I'm using ffmpeg (info below), and I've also tried the x264 encoder directly. I've tried ...

ffmpeg h.264 libx264 x264  
asked by stib 9 votes
answered by llogan 12 votes

After effects: Moving text along 3D path

After Effects beginner here. The effect I'm after is where text is appearing from behind an object. So far, I'm using the position and rotation parameters. But the text is rigid. I found something ...

effects after-effects 3d  
asked by greener 2 votes
answered by Inan 3 votes

How to encode a video at 30 FPS from images taken at 7 FPS

I have no knowledge whatsoever about video encoding, I have an application written in OpenGL and I am saving the frames it generated into png images. The frames from my app are at 7 FPS and I am ...

asked by BRabbit27 21 votes
answered by Saaru Lindestøkke 21 votes

How to use mouse drag gesture to position & size a still image in Premiere Pro CS6

I would like to be able to position a still image using the mouse/pointer directly on the image, to be able to drag the whole image around or resize it by dragging one of its corners or sides. I'm ...

premiere cs6  
asked by therobyouknow 4 votes
answered by PTS 7 votes

How to create a blinking effect in After Effects CC?

What I want to do is simple conceptually, but I am just not having success with actually doing it. I am creating a short video snippet in After Effects, as part of a larger presentation. The video is ...

after-effects animation automation  
asked by Luke Mayson 2 votes
answered by Boomkop3 3 votes

Fix bad files and streams with ffmpeg so VLC and other players would not crash

It happened me many times that I could end up in corrupted video files: video downloaded from official sources but with torrent and for some reason not all the pieces are there in .mkv, .ts or .mp4 ...

ffmpeg h.264  
asked by user3450548 17 votes
answered by Gyan 26 votes

Can you answer this question?

Stabilize a really big drone ascent

I have a 300' ascent with a drone looking at 2 actors lying on the ground. The drone does a bit of drifting and rotating on the way up. I want to stabilize the whole shot to be rock solid. If I use ...

after-effects stabilisation  
asked by Tim Brown 1 vote
answered by David Shaheen 0 votes
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