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Top new questions this week:

Advice for using FD lenses?

I’m interested in using old FD lenses for filming. Has anyone got any experience with this? What camera did you use? What adapter? Did it work? Were there any issues with focal length, cropping, or ...

camera filming lenses adapter  
asked by Franco C 1 vote

How to use editing to illustrate a (metaphorical and physical) transformation of a dancer character?

I'm editing a music video for a band. The concept revolves around an injured circus dancer that tries to overcome her disability. At one point in video the dancer undergoes a transformation from ...

asked by OpherV 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How to loop an animated mask?

I'm trying to make a loop from an animated mask, but each time I introduce my loop expression: loopOut (type="cycle", numKeyframes = 0), After Effects is telling me that: "Expression is ...

after-effects after-effects-expressions  
asked by Patricia Atxurra 6 votes
answered by p2or 5 votes

Why does the color red always appear pixelated on TV and videos on the PC?

I hope this isn't off-topic. While technically about video production, it's not about a problem I am having. Have you ever noticed on TV how the color red is always noticeably pixelated? It's the ...

digital analog broadcasting  
asked by oscilatingcretin 16 votes
answered by stib 17 votes

Should you shoot flat when shooting with a DSLR?

I've read a bit about how it can be useful to use a "flat" profile for shooting video on a DSLR which produces only compressed video. For example as described in this article. The reasoning is that ...

asked by user1118321 5 votes

How can I seamlessly loop with turbulent displace filter in AE?

Please have a look at my website on a chrome browser. On the left you see a looping movie of the tree wobbling around. This was made by tweening the evolution filter of the turbulent ...

asked by OpherV 3 votes

Losing audio/video sync in Adobe Premiere with mp4's

I have two videos to combine in Adobe Premiere. They play okay in a video player, but putting them into Adobe Premiere CS6 suddenly makes the audio unsynced with the video (even in the Source ...

premiere sync  
asked by Zeno 10 votes
answered by Gyan 2 votes

How to download and encode a video from a MPD manifest?

I can watch videos on a website with MPEG-DASH technology. I can obtain the video's manifest.mpd file from the website. (I am not sure whether the file contains any user credentials or not, so I am ...

ffmpeg mpeg-dash  
asked by kit 5 votes
answered by YoavG 3 votes

ffmpeg Color Correction: Gamma, Brightness and Saturation

How is ffmpeg used with a video filter circa 2017 to adjust gamma/contrast, brightness and saturation? Stack Exchange resources that are a few years old point to the filter mp=eq2=, but it seems to ...

ffmpeg color-correction  
asked by Winterflags 20 votes
answered by Winterflags 18 votes

Can you answer this question?

How to export ambient occlusion shadows only from Arnold Maya rendering to do multi layers composites

I cannot find a way in Maya 2019 to create a rendering pass that only contains ambient occlusion generated shadows. I can do that with aiShadowMatte producing an expected alpha channel containing the ...

lighting rendering maya  
asked by MFAL 1 vote
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