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Top new questions this week:

Which tool or method should be used to make text on a whiteboard look natural / right?

I am not a professional video editor, but I am involved in the production of a small-scale educational video series. A main part of this video contains a teacher sitting at a table with a whiteboard ...

editing davinci-resolve  
asked by Joseph 3 votes
answered by Dr Mayhem 3 votes

Using water as green screen

so I had this idea but inorder to do it, I need to have water as a green screen. (Because I wanted to make the image move like water). So I was thinking of using dye to color the water and key that ...

after-effects premiere editing greenscreen  
asked by Jacob 1 vote
answered by tomh 2 votes

Best and easiest way to delete a layer by a specific time in the After Effects timeline

I use Adobe After Effects (Last version) for video editing I created a composition with a video, shape and null Object. So far everything work well. Now I want to hide the layer from a certain point ...

after-effects compositing video-player  
asked by kabrice 1 vote
answered by tomh 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Crop a video and export at the exact cropped size

I have a video that has 4 up-down-left-right black borders of different sizes. I want to get rid of these black borders so the exported file has the exact size of the cropped area. To do this, I ...

video premiere editing post-production adobe  
asked by Oliver 15 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 6 votes

How to convert video to ogv and webm versions with a high quality result?

What is the best software for mac to convert video to ogv and webm versions with a high quality result? I have adobe media encoder, is there is a setting or plugin available to do so in there? or ...

asked by Katherine Hunter 9 votes
answered by Brendan Bolles 12 votes

What sequence presets I must use with a GoPro and Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5?

I use a GoPro which output is mp4 files. I want to edit these movies into Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5. I'm a little lost about sequence presets to use. I've got the choice between Digital SLR, AVCHD, ...

premiere action-cam cs5  
asked by Jerome C. 10 votes
answered by Roy 9 votes

Is it possible to speed up a video using handbrake?

Is it possible to speed up a video using handbrake ? I am looking for a software like handbrake to convert videos for faster playback. It should speed up the video up to 30x. Is it possible with ...

video ffmpeg playback  
asked by user1344545 13 votes
answered by Gyan 16 votes

Clips appear "zoomed" in program monitor (Premiere Pro)

This is frustrating the crap out of me. I'm putting 1920×1080 clips into a 1920×1080 sequence. There are also some 2560×1440 clips in it, and those actually display correctly, but the 1080p clips ...

asked by Dorianha Bogelund 3 votes
answered by Ambo100 1 vote

What's the difference between 3G-A SDI and 3G-B SDI?

Can someone point me at a description of the difference between a 3G-A SDI signal and a 3G-B SDI signal. I have a rack with a BlackMagic ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K and a bank of 3 SWT Pro-HD ...

asked by Richard Milewski 4 votes
answered by Gyan 2 votes

8bit vs 10bit vs 12bit

I do a lot of HEVC encoding and what I've read is 10bit is always better than 8bit, even from an 8bit source, because it avoids rounding errors. Is that true? Also, then is 12bit better than 10bit or ...

video video-quality encoding  
asked by Fallen 8 votes
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