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How to force Adobe Media Encoder to use 100% CPU and memory?

On my machine, Adobe Media Encoder is very slow. It takes 12 hours to render 4 minutes of 1080p video for YouTube (the video is based on Adobe After Effects project with an original MOV file and four ...

encoding performance  
asked by Arseni Mourzenko 9 votes
answered by AJ Henderson 6 votes

How to change active camera in after effects ( or render a different camera )

I added a camera to my comp, however, when I render it uses the active camera, and not camera1. How do I Either make camera1 my active camera, or make it so that I can render out camera1

after-effects camera animation-rendering  
asked by user379468 7 votes
answered by the Ritz 8 votes

Why processor is "better" for encoding than GPU?

I was reading this article and I saw that a CPU is better for video compression than a GPU. The article only says that happens because the processor can handle more complex algorithms than the GPU, ...

video encoding  
asked by Mateus Felipe Martins Da Costa 17 votes
answered by Peter Cordes 27 votes

Render failed - Davinci Resolve 16

I have a problem with exporting an old timeline from Resolve. In 15 it worked fine, but I did some changes in an old composition and want to export the updated version. Error message says: Render ...

video-editor editing davinci-resolve  
asked by Sophie 2 votes
answered by SidewaysUpJoe 5 votes

Repeat/loop Input Video with ffmpeg?

I just want to loop a mp4 video with ffmpeg and keep the current settings and codec. For example if input.mp4 is 0:10 long, and I would want to loop it 4 times so output.mp4 is 0:40 long, how could I ...

ffmpeg mp4 h.264  
asked by Thomas King 83 votes
answered by llogan 107 votes

How to encode a video at 30 FPS from images taken at 7 FPS

I have no knowledge whatsoever about video encoding, I have an application written in OpenGL and I am saving the frames it generated into png images. The frames from my app are at 7 FPS and I am ...

asked by BRabbit27 28 votes
answered by Saaru Lindestøkke 27 votes

Adobe Premiere - Restore Audio to A/V Clip After Deleting

Say I add a bunch of Audio/Video clips to a sequence, then delete all the audio (Alt-select it and delete); I work on it for some time, close Premiere, re-open.. etc., Is there any way to restore the ...

premiere audio  
asked by Codesmith 18 votes
answered by stib 23 votes

Can you answer these questions?

When does Roto Paint 2 decide to do "refine edge propagating"?

If I am rotoscoping a long clip using RotoPaint 2 in After Effects, and I do the following: Make a good rotopaint boundary in the middle of the clip, and adjust the Refine Edge tool around it to look ...

asked by tomh 1 vote

Controlling a modern record deck via serial (RS-422)

I have an Atomos Shogun Studio 2 that can only be remotely controlled by RS-422. Atomos says that it uses Sony 9-Pin Protocol and that several JL Cooper control surfaces will work with it. The JL ...

hardware recording tape  
asked by Adam 1 vote
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