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I'm a web developer who specializes in PHP, MySQL, jQuery, etc. I've been a CodeIgniter user, but transitioning to Laravel 4. In my spare time, I do visual effects, regular expressions and Objective-C + Cocoa.

comment What factors are important for DSLR lenses for shooting video?
Thanks, I've updated the link to point to the 180° shutter rule, which is what I was talking about.
comment Final Cut Express 3.5 HD quits unexpectedly
Glad you got it working! You should post the resolution and a link to the forum as an answer to your question.
comment Create a DIY Green Screen / Chroma Key
I've heard of them, that's really cool technology. have you been able to find any configuration of their products that are under the $1k mark? (it seems like you need both the lighting ring plus the fabric)
comment How can I make “videosongs”?
You could also record on several file based cameras, and use the clip syncing feature in FPCX to line them all up.