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I like music and computers. 

comment Crop video in ffmpeg without re-encoding
Interesting bit of trivia: the way QuickTime movies work (.mov, at least pre-QuickTime X) actually did let you define and store crop, resize, minor edits, and even masks as metadata alongside the video stream; the player would just apply them on the fly.
comment Why more than 10 FPS is needed
Linus can tell the difference between a refresh rate of 60Hz and 120Hz.
comment Recommend a good online video host?
This is off-topic on this site, I believe. You might find AlternativeTo a useful resource.
comment Video with person 'writing on glass' effect
@claws Exactly like that. I prefer the flipped actual writing--it's probably easier for the actor as well. Also it reminds me of this.
comment Is there any option for mirror imaging in video editing software?
Comments on that video say the actor is right-handed in other videos, so this one is flipped horizontal.
comment How does Salman Khan make his screencasts?
This is probably in reference to the Khan Academy. Here's a video example.
comment how can I smoothly move a camera without a dolly?
@leftaroundabout Aha, thanks! Moment of inertia
comment Recommended format for a large embedded stop motion animation on website?
I think that's too big for a .gif, so some sort of movie is probably the best answer. You don't necessarily need to use Flash--there are a number of JavaScript players that use HTML5: look at JW Player.
comment Projecting image from computer that is a distance away
This one is a little less expensive since it doesn't include the audio (which I imagine you won't need). If I was doing technical direction for a show that required this on a budget, that's probably what I would purchase; knowing that Tripp-Lite is a reputable brand, and that the product is highly rated on Amazon. The real professional quality stuff (and thus, professionally-priced) can be found here.
comment Projecting image from computer that is a distance away
Not going to work in a million years. The second link is just the remote unit for the product I linked to in my post--it requires the base unit, which is powered and is going to encode your VGA signal digitally. The first link is just a straight analog converter at each end. If they work at all, the quality is going to be worse and MUCH more susceptible to interference over a 100ft+ unshielded cat5e run.
comment Video with person 'writing on glass' effect
You could always have her write on actual glass in front of the screen and then flip horizontal.