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comment How can I use FFmpeg to lower the quality of H264 video but keep it in H264 format?
Constant bitrate is the worst (in terms of quality vs. size) of all rate control modes in x264 and should be avoided. Use -crf to set a constant quality mode instead.
comment How can I move a floating text or image with the video?
@Y.G.J As AJ said. Plus, you will have to do the 3D animation separately – this has nothing to do with the motion tracking itself.
comment Convert Uncompressed AVI to JPEG2000 in MXF
FFmpeg won't put JPEG2000 in MXF, even with the codec enabled.
comment Capture Date For Video
Oh, you got caught in that Mac App Store trap some developers think they have to set up. On the MediaInfo download page, just look a few pixels down to where it says "free GUI".
comment Capture Date For Video
Of course it's free. It even says so on the homepage and I've been using it for years. Where are you prompted to pay?
comment Batch video editing software that can trim without re-encoding
Thanks! Let me know if you run into problems, I'm happy to improve that script – been a while since I've used it!
comment How do I specify baseline H264 profile using FFmbc?
You're right. Back when I wrote this FFmpeg was about to change the whole thing and everything was a little confusing. +1 to you.
comment Shooting with a camera and then pausing while recording
I don't see how this question is not on-topic for Super User. Reopened accordingly. David, if your question doesn't get much attention, we can migrate it to Video Production if you want. Just let us know by flagging it for moderator attention.
comment Command-line tool to split video at timepoints?
Cross posted from Super User. Please don't cross post questions over the network — there should be only one site for them, and if they don't receive too much attention they can always be migrated.
comment What exactly is AVCHD?
That is completely wrong. AVCHD is a wrapper that uses h.264 multiplexed into an MPEG Transport Stream. The confusion might stem from the fact that MPEG-4 Part 10 is also called AVC. But AVC and AVCHD have nothing in common. see the Format Specification.