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comment Color temperature
Yes, you're right. The whole color temperature system is confusing on first sight, because bluish light is in fact warmer than yellowish light, but appears colder. For example in this Colosseum picture ( ) I estimate the blue sky to have a color temperature of above 8000 K, but the lights should be around 3000 K. This Colosseum picture is also an example that sometimes mixed light sources work together. Nobody wants the sky or the lights to appear white or grey.
comment What codec will my Youtube uploads be output in and what codec should I use to upload?
I agree to this answer. But there is a practical limit: the upload speed. How much time are you allowing for an upload? A whole weekend, a night, or a couple of hours until the end of your working day. I myself put the limit to 2 GB for 10 minutes of video, which needs around 4 hours of upload time in my case. But is this really restricting the quality? My 2 GB video has a bit rate of 30 Mbit/s, which YouTube converts to 3 Mbit/s. A lossless encoding would multiply the upload time, but the YouTube output would still be at 3 Mbit/s. Please set your personal limits by yourself.
comment Why recorded avi speeds up?
1. How to you record with VirtualDub? Do you capture the screen? 2. Do you have the same strange effects when operating in a lower camera resolution?
comment Does alpha matte version of a clip allows to change the pattern
Yes, this is right. Without the project file it's too complicated. Of course, if you have a lot of time, you could export the video into a sequence of images and then manipulate the 100+ images in Photoshop. But in my opinion this would only be an option if the client really wants this and pays for this extra work. For example, if he really wants his logo on the paper surface. But just for having another pattern it's not worth the effort.