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Currently hacking Haskell in my spare time. I've also done Ruby in the past. Self-taught enthusiast programmer who enjoys pushing the edges:

Current Project:

  • Writing a language using Haskell and LLVM
  • Writing an economy simulation game engine

comment Connect a Sony HandyCam to a MacBookPro for streaming
2014 MacBookPro. (apple.com/macbook-pro/specs) I'd like a generic solution for streaming: YouTube Live, Skype, etc. If I could get it to be delectable as a webcam, that would do for now. We are cost conscious.
comment How to connect a camera to a computer 100ft away?
Streaming needs to be through MegaMeeting sense that is who we have a contract with. Can any of these cameras just send the stream to a PC on the local network and let us deal with the issue of sending it out to the right place?
comment How to connect a camera to a computer 100ft away?
We have not yet purchased a camera. But we cannot afford more then about $400 for this part of the project. @Steve, if you can tell me how to make that work write you answer below. We have 802.11g in place.