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I've been a moderator here since February 2014. I've done audio/visual production work as a mix of hobbyist and professional levels for the past 17 years. While my career is a software architect, I studied Electronic Media, Arts and Communications in college as a dual major (with Computer Science). I have worked professionally as a producer (doing both the audio and video) for distance education classes while in college. In addition, I produced the 3D animated intro video for all the distance education classes. I also worked with the paid Audio and Lighting organizations in college.

I have run the DVD Production efforts for Wiicafe covering the Electronic Entertainment Expo from 2002 to 2006 and also ran a wedding videography business for several years. I have since moved on to a wedding photography business after my second camera man moved away. Finally, I also production work for several annual conferences and have worked with multiple music festivals over the years.

I got my start working with crappy gear for non-profits and worked my way up through better levels of gear and training as I moved in to a professional level of work and then further improved through my college studies. I have also been the sound and at times video guy for the various churches I've been in over the years.

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