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comment fix a few videos with bad white balance?
Hello. While this seems to be an easy task, and there are some useful open source software which can help you to achieve it, it's good to know which operating system are you going to use. Some of them are Linux only software or they do a better job when natively working on Linux. Please let us know what is your OS in order to provide some help. Thank you!
comment Reverse engineering: which video editing software was used on this video?
Sorry if my question sounds rude but... in which grade are you and your staff? Please also provide details on your experience and skills (of everyone) It will be useful in order to suggest you software alternatives (open source and freeware) based on what you can do. Any NLES can do this video and we can say our own opinion based on our experiences but the results will always depend on the skills of the people involved. Thank you.